Wednesday, October 15


RXBound Athlete

The RXBound Team is proud of you.
You've trained hard and earned this.


Welcome to the Team

So proud to have you on the team and representing RXBound Europe in Germany.
Love working with you and there is still so much more ahead!
20 Year Gymnast ( 4. League in Germany)
Inline hockey player first league in Germany and part of the German National Team

"In german It's possible to write a book about it but in English it is not so easy for me. I want to try it, i´m happy to be a part of rxbound and I want to go so hard I can. I want  to make my coaches proud.

If you want something you have to do more than the others win the challenge over your self "

Wednesday, September 3

Wednesday, August 27

Congratulations Anna Woods!

PRs this week:
Overhead Squat
Split Jerk
Front Squat
Back Squat
Strict Press
"Karen" PR
Follow Anna, her story, and her progress HERE! Just the beginning... Be inspired!

Welcome to the Team!

CrossFit IOM
Isle of Man
Excited to have you!!!!

Friday, August 15

The RXBound Training Team Welcomes...

Athlete and Head Coach at CrossFit IOM
Meet Daniel Bonett : "I am a box owner CF IOM and sponsored athlete for Clean Fitness Apparel. These guys have stood by me through my injury while I haven’t been performing as an athlete and I hope to repay this by getting good again at CrossFit. I am hold a Bachelor Degree in and Master’s Degree in strength and conditioning. My goals are to make regionals in the next 2-3 years and stay injury free." 

Sunday, August 10


2nd by 1 second! What a battle that was for first. Winning Event 1 set himself up for a solid finish. Race was on for a total compilation of time fro Events 1 and 2, and he went all out in Event 2...twice! Solid day! Amazing finish!! Proud Coach!