Thursday, March 27

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Soak It Up: 3 Superfoods You Should Be Eating (and Soaking!)

Many of us might know the incredible benefits of sprouting seeds and nuts, but how familiar are you with soaking them? Sprouting can get a little bit complex and time-consuming, but soaking has the benefits without so much of the process. Make your foods easier to digest (thus receiving an immediate release of nutrients to the system) and get the most out of them by unlocking their “nutrient packs” hidden behind their hard surfaces.

Here are three of the most nutritious, cost-effective, and highly storable foods to improve your health that I recommend sprouting or soaking before eating to not only enhance nutrition but also digestibility. I am also including some simple recipes that I use myself. Each of these is well balanced, delicious, and most importantly, health-enhancing. That being said, feel free to be creative with your combinations and add in other ingredients as you go... READ MORE

Monday, March 17

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The Ups and Downs of Running: How to Properly Run Hills and Stairs

Contributor - Strength and Conditioning
The benefits of incorporating different scales, variations, and degrees to running are endless. They are also vital to run training and transfer well into just about any other sport. If running is your “thing” (or just something you love to do), then I am sure you understand how important running variations are. Changing it up a little bit with stairs and hills helps improve agility skills, speed, muscle endurance, and so much more. If you are not the biggest fan of running, then these are also great ways to mix it up and make it more interesting. In fact, you might just become a fan of running. But no matter who you are, the benefits are great - as long as you’re doing it right.


Sunday, March 2


16yr-old RXBound Athlete  
Bradon Luedke 
just broke his own state record!
120kg Snatch 
130kg Clean and Jerk PR
PR Total of 250kg. 

Amazing and congratulations Bradon!

Wednesday, February 19

RXBound Welcomes..

Chase Seiffert!
"Professional golfer living in Panama City, FL. Been a dream of mine to play professional golf since I was 10 years old. Love playing any and every sport. Will take being outside over being inside every time. Music keeps me sane. Favorite quote: Sacrifice or Regret. Olympic weightlifting nerd."

Thursday, February 13

The RXBound Daily for Valentines Day

Valentines Day by RXBound
Grab a partner and get after it! Feel the love!
How it works:
Teams of 2, 3 different weights.
Teams can be made up of the following:
Male/Male (M/M), female/female (F/F), or Male/Female (M/F)
Here it goes!
800m Run (Each person. Start at the same time on 3,2,1, go)
200 Double Unders (Combined. As soon as the first person gets back from the run, they can start)
Squats: Any way you choose (M/M 15000# F/F 10000# M/F 12500# total to squat)
Then... (both teammates can be working at the same time to complete..)
50 Pull-Ups (No butterfly - Kipping or Strict only)
100 Kettlebell Swings (RUS) 70/53
800m (Each person)
200 DUs (Combined)
Ground to Overhead (Must move the total weight any way you choose)
M/M 10,000#
F/F 7,000#
M/F 8,000#
50 Pull-Ups (Combined. No butterfly - Kipping or Strict only)
100 Kettlebell Swings (RUS) Combined. 70/53
800m Run (Each Person)
200 DUs (Combined)
800m Run (Each Person)
100 Burpees (Combined)

RXBound Welcomes...

Welcome to the RXBound Training Team Anna Woods! 
I am a wife and mom of 3.  I am a special needs mom, and adoptive mom. I am wife first. Then mom, and finally athlete and coach.  I have been an athlete my whole life in gymnastics, junior rodeo, basketball, track, volleyball, weightlifting, softball, triathlons, ½ and full marathons, and CrossFit.   

I am a coach/trainer to adults with developmental and physical delays, as well as the elderly in nursing homes and retirement communities.  I have always had a heart for special pops.   

I have high hopes of getting to Regionals and the Games at some point in my life. I approach my CrossFit journey with a lifetime mentality so if I get there when I’m 80, I’ll have reached my goal!  I would say I’m probably in the best shape of my life now that I’m in my 30’s and hope to only continue to get stronger and faster.

Sunday, February 9

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The Advantages of Knee Sleeves; What They Are and When to Use Them
Knee injuries are a major problem in sports and sports medicine around the world. All too often we see blown ACLs, PCLs, MCLs, or torn cartilage in a variety of athletes. The use of prophylactic (protective or preventive) knee braces is an attempt to reduce the occurrence or severity of injuries to the knee joint ligaments without inhibiting overall knee mobility. There are four categories of knee braces: knee sleeves (which are not technically braces), prophylactic knee braces, functional knee braces, and postoperative or rehabilitation braces.

The most common of these items to athletes around the world are the knee sleeves. You are likely to run into someone wearing them at almost any gym. Let's discuss what they are, what they do, and when to wear them.

Thursday, February 6

Get your 6 Pack!

6 Pack Fitness Review; The Innovator 300

Ask any of my athletes and they will all tell you that I highly recommend a stringent plan and structure to their diet and nutritional programming. We all know that diet is key in addition to their strength and conditioning programs. Most of the time this plan includes multiple "meals" (min of 3 and up to 6) of both protein shakes and real food. I myself am an advocate of pre-cooking and preparing all of my meals throughout the day.  I also find myself carrying around little Ziploc bags of supplements and trying my best to keep them cool (usually carrying them with me to keep them from melting in a hot car). All of this planning and having meals convenient can be tough though when you spend most of the day outside of the house. Carrying around shakes, water, and meals (and trying to keep them cool) can be difficult. That is why when I saw the new 6 Pack Fitness "pack" it was like finding my own portable fridge.

Pack Up!
The new Innovator 300 comes with multiple shelves, each one snapping in securely to the sides and each one supporting a shelf of BPA/PVC Free (yes!) plastic containers. If you microwave, these are right for you...and they are dishwasher safe. From the containers to the bag itself, it is a leak-free solution to the every day cooler. The containers aren't too big or too small and have more than enough room for your protein/fat/carb. If you only carry one or two whole meals, use the extra containers for things like lettuce to help them stay fresh or separate your proteins. The top shelf/container is a supplement box with several spacers. Best part? They stay cool just like the food.

Pretty Cool!

The pack has two super thin (and super cold!) little ice gel packs that fit along the insides of the Innovator and keep food cool up to 8hours. Because they are placed along the sides between the shelves and the outside pockets, they keep the interior cool and the outer pockets cool too (best place for your utensils, shakes and/or water). Lots of cool without the bulk! If you have hot food to keep hot, the bag will do that too with its fully insulated interior.

Shake Away!

Check this out - the outside pockets have Velcro spacers. You can put both shakers (or water bottles) in together on each side but separate and if you take one out, the other still stands snug and tall - and spill-free!

Carry convenience with comfort!

The Innovator weighs just 5lbs so even packed up it still doesn't weigh much at all. The strap is extremely comfortable on the shoulder too. Best part? The little extra strap across the top that acts like a handle. I hate pulling a bag out of the car by the long strap and having it swing around and stressing my shoulder. This way you can just lift the bag and carry it like you would a suitcase and not like an awkward gym bag. This handle can be unsnapped also.

Just one more thing....

I tried really hard to find any "cons" with the product but I did manage to find one. Yep - only one!

The Innovator could really use an additional extra pocket for your keys/phone/credit card. I found myself carrying all of that on the side which was kind of a hassle. Especially while training I like to keep everything in one place. You could possible put them all in the exterior pockets where the shakes/waters/utensils go but because the cooler keeps everything so cool, you might not want your phone or iPod in there getting too cold or too moist. That being said, the pack isn't a gym bag so this is more of a personal preference. Overall, I HIGHLY recommend the Innovator to all of my athletes and athletes worldwide.

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